What are your spiritual gifts?

What are your spiritual gifts?

In my sermon on working for Christ on Oct 3/4 I mentioned that if you do not know what your spiritual gifts are you should do the work of discovering them.

The best way to discover your spiritual gifts is to start serving and see where and how God uses you in your service and what types of service really connect with you, encourage and inspire you and where God seems to most effectively use you to build up the body of Christ.

You can supplement this with some ‘tests’ you can do, sort of surveys, to help identify what may be your spiritual gifts.  I am still convinced the ultimate way to KNOW your gifts is through serving and having them affirmed by others as God pours out His grace through you to them. But these assessment tools do help.

THIS one is similar to what I first did when I took a 3 day course called Network (written by Don Cousins, Bill Hybels, and Bruce Bugbee) which was all about spiritual gifts and learning your own.  You can print this one off, answer the questions and then add up your totals and see what this self-assessment says about your potential gifts.

HERE is another on-line assessment tool to try out.  These tools will usually talk you about 20-30 minutes to complete but are well worth the time.

I know there are more tools out there, but these were two that I was familiar with and thought might help you get started.