You may have heard it said, “You know that’s a good production team if they go unnoticed”. While there is some truth to that, here at Redemption we look at our production team as leaders of worship in the various roles they serve. We strive for excellence but not perfection on our production team. Our aim is to create an environment where people can worship the Lord without distraction.

Although helpful, we don’t require any previous experience to serve in production here at Redemption. If you have a heart to serve, we will equip you in the technical side of production. We look to place every person in a position to succeed, and we will take the necessary time to make sure you are comfortable before scheduling you in.

Here are some possible roles to serve in here at Redemption:

Serving Opportunities

Front of House Operator

Our Front of House (FOH) operators serve as our main sound guys working to provide a quality audio experience for our people to worship. FOH operators are needed for our weekend services, Kids worship, and Youth Wednesday nights. We also require FOH operators for special events including, but not limited to Praise & Prayer nights.

Wireless/In Ear Monitor Operator

Our Wireless/In Ear Monitor (W/IEM) operators serve our worship team on stage with their monitors during weekend services. They are also responsible for all wireless gear used throughout the weekend and making sure gear is charged and ready for use. Finally, they assistant our FOH operators with anything needed throughout the weekend.

Stage Hand

The purpose of this position, under the direction of the Technical Director, is assist with any general tech related needs for the weekend services and other Redemption Events.


Jobs would include but not be limited to: set up and tear down of audio equipment, cables, moving teaching TV and other stage props.


No previous tech experience required.  Come with a servants heart.

Main Screen Operator

The purpose of this position, under the direction of the Technical Director and Presentation Coordinator, is to assist in the presentation graphics and lyric support of the weekend experience.


Setup sermon graphics for weekend message.  Arrange lyric slides and other graphics for weekend services. Run ProPresenter presentation software during the services or events.

Camera Operator

Our camera operators serve in our weekend services. Operators will operate their assigned camera and take instruction from our video switcher. We broadcast our sermons live throughout the building during weekend services as well as record for use on our website and app. We also record and use live camera in our weekend services for things such as baptisms and child dedications.

Video Switcher

Our video switchers serve in our weekend services. Video switchers run point for our video recording and live camera experience throughout the weekend. They assign and communicate with all camera operators during live camera elements of our services, they also see that each service is recorded and saved. Video switchers work closely with main screen operators during our services.

Lighting Operator

Lighting Operators serve in our weekend services. Lighting operator’s setup lighting on the weekend with a playlist for various service elements such as songs, videos, sermon. Lighting operators work to match lighting to who is on stage and/or what is displayed on our screens using things like colour and movement.

Setup and Design

The purpose of this position, under the direction of the Technical Director, is to program and run the lighting cues that enhance the weekend experience.


Set up lights, cables and equipment needed for weekend services and other Redemption events. Program lighting cues for both moving and static fixtures.


Run the lighting cues during all three weekend services

If you’re interested in serving in production in any of these areas, please fill out the production application to help us better get to know you and we will be in touch.