Young child with nursery worker


Each week our nursery eagerly awaits the arrival of babies from newborn to 23 months of age to enjoy a special time of prayer, cuddles, songs, and love. Parents – you can feel at ease and free to enjoy the service knowing that your child is being cared for by carefully trained and screened individuals who are happy to serve you in this way.

Toddlers eating snack together in classroom


This room is always alive with excitement and joy. It’s where our 2-year old children experience “Sunday School”. These toddlers hear lessons and stories simple enough for them to understand and enjoy. The morning also consists of some occasional crafts/colouring, songs, and because they are busy exploring at this age, lots of free play. Workers seek to reinforce good play habits with their peers and model positive, God-honouring ways to handle conflict.

Children colouring together at a table in the classroom


This room is a bright and energetic room of 3-years old children who love to worship the Lord and really enjoy their short lesson time as well. It’s here where the children begin to learn Bible stories in more detail. They do an activity sheet and/or craft related to the lesson as well as being introduced to memory work. At this age, they are still busy exploring so they are given plenty of playtime as well.

Children singing =

JK- Grade 5

Children in these classrooms enjoy an amazing time of worship each week with videos of songs with sound, biblical doctrine. Worship time is followed by a thorough time in the Word taught by the classroom facilitator. The morning also includes activities, small group discussion, memory work and prayer-all to help them discover Christ in a more personal way.

Kids in Sunday School singing songs


While we don’t have a specialized program for children with special needs, we do try to integrate them into the classrooms and do so by having an aide who works with them one-on-one. If you have a young child with special needs and plan on visiting us, we welcome you! However, we would greatly appreciate if you could contact Grace Reynolds our Kid’s Ministry Director in advance so we can work with you and have time to find a suitable aide for your child when you visit us.

What to expect when visiting kids

01. Registration

At registration, you’ll get printed name tags for your children and a parent receipt with a matching, randomly generated, three digit code. You can also indicate if your child has any allergies or special needs at check-in. If your child needs you during the service, this code will show on display screens at the front of the worship centre. You will need to show the parent receipt you were given at check-in to pick up your child/children at the end of the service as we go above and beyond to ensure the safety of each child.

02. Opening Activities

After children are checked in, they head to their classrooms. They’ll meet up with their friends and class leaders and participate in some “warm up” activities prior to large group worship and teaching. We design our opening activities time to help ensure each child feels welcomed, included, comfortable, and loved.

03. Worship

Children sing and engage in our live worship time according to their own personality. Some are more enthusiastic and move a lot whereas others are quieter and observe more. We believe God is glorified by each child as they worship Him in their own way and we love to see their joy as they do so.

04. Teaching

Each week we open our Bibles and teach in a manner that children can understand. Each classroom has their own individual teaching time. We believe strongly that children should never be bored with the Bible, and we make every effort to ensure that doesn’t happen.

05. Small Group

The children experience small group in an age appropriate format. Scripture memorization, prayer, and fun, intentional activities are included to promote personal application of large group teaching.

Worker's schedule

Before involvement in our ministries please ensure you are aware of our Biblical stance on gender and sexuality. You can find our statement here.