Bus Shuttle

Redemption offers a shuttle bus service for college/university students for our 11:15am service. The shuttle service has ended for the 2023/2024 school year. See you in the fall.

Pick-up Locations

Please note: Be at your stop about 5-10 minutes early to ensure you are there when the bus arrives, as it won’t wait.

The buses arrive at the church approximately 15 minutes before, and depart 15 minutes after our second service.

1.Main Entrance of Fanshawe

Pick up: approximately 9:51am

Drop off: approximately 2:05pm

2. Highbury and Dundas LTC

Pick up: approximately 9:58am

Drop off: approximately 1:58pm

3. Richmond St. & Oxford St.—NE Corner at LTC Stop

Pick up: approximately 10:15am
Drop off: approximately 1:40pm

4. Kings College
Pick up: approximately 10:21am
Drop off: approximately 1:35pm

5. Masonville (Corner Sunnyside Dr & Jacksway Cres)
Pick up: approximately 10:27am
Drop off: approximately 1:30pm

6. Elgin Hall
Pick up: approximately 10:33am
Drop off: approximately 1:25pm

7. Beaver Hall

Pick up: approximately 10:39am
Drop off: approximately 1:20pm

8. Sarnia Rd. & Western Rd.—SW Corner at LTC Stop
Pick up: approximately 10:45am
Drop off: approximately 1:15pm

9. Western Rd. & Oxford St.—NW Corner
Pick up: approximately 10:51am
Drop off: approximately 1:10pm

Proceed To Redemption
Arrival: 11:00am
Departure: 1:00pm

Bus Routes 2023/2024