We’re happy to provide a number of different options for regular and one-time gifts.

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We are now accepting donations via e-transfer. Just send the e-transfer to If it is your first time donating to Redemption, or you have moved recently, please include your name and address in the message section of the transaction. This information is required in order to issue a tax receipt for donations.

Putting envelope in offering

Church Offering

You can give in person during any of our weekly services on Sunday with either cash or with a cheque made payable to Redemption Bible Chapel.

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Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is the best option if you would rather money be taken directly from your bank account, and administratively, is the most efficient way to give for both you and us. Most banks will allow you to set up recurring donations, if you chose, so this way you don’t have to worry about forgetting to give.

Please watch this quick video, and then contact us for your account number.

Direct Deposit Form

Fill out the form below to start giving directly from your bank account.

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Credit Card Giving

Credit card giving is done through the Redemption app or on our website. We use a secure online payment provider that allows you to give one-time or set up regular recurring donations.

Note: Using a credit card to donate to the church costs us a processing fee for each donation. You can opt to cover the fee, or, you can give using the Direct Deposit method where the fees are significantly less. To get set up for Direct Deposit contact

Financial Stewardship

Learn about the processes and procedures used by Redemption Bible Chapel to faithfully steward the financial resources that God has given us.