Church Offering

You can give in person during any of our weekly services on Sunday with either cash or with a cheque made payable to Redemption Bible Chapel.


Online Giving How-To from Redemption Bible Chapel on Vimeo.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is the best option if you would rather money be taken directly from your bank account, and administratively, is the most efficient way to give for both you and us. Most banks will allow you to set up recurring donations, if you chose, so this way you don’t have to worry about forgetting to give. Please watch the quick video to the left, and then contact us for your account number.


App/Online Giving

The easiest way to give financially is online or through the Redemption app. We use a secure online payment provider that allows you to give one-time, or set up regular recurring donations.


Note: We would ask that if you’re currently set up to give through direct deposit, that you not switch to online giving, as this method does have associated processing fees which lowers your total giving amount.

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