Facility Projects

From walking into the doors of 250 Commissioners in March of 2015 until now, we are still so thankful to God for allowing us to get this building! Since that time, so much time and resources have been invested into this facility to make it a great place to do ministry in. Learning how to manage an (old) building after 14 years of being nomads, moving around the city from school to school, has been a big transition. It’s a great facility, but this old girl comes with many challenges and responsibilities to keep it going and get things up to date.


Lots has been done, but there are more things to be accomplished, either on an on-going basis, or larger one-time projects.


God has given our church family members different gifts to use in the church. We are passionate about making this building a great place to gather together in worship and fellowship, and creating an inviting place for guests, all for the glory of God.


We have lots of needs, and one of the things we hear so much is “I didn’t know they needed help with that otherwise I would have jumped in and helped.” So here is the call for help and your opportunity to answer!


Serving Opportunities

Landscaping Team

Somewhere out there are people that love gardens and gardening. If you have an eye for landscape design, want to help spruce up the outside grounds, or just cut the grass, we have a place for you!

Maintenance Team

There are many little things that need repairs, and if you’re into figuring out problems like its sudoku or a jigsaw puzzle, you’re hired (your salary is coffee).

General Construction

It seems like there’s always something construction-y going on around the building. If you have any skills in construction (framing, drywall, mudding/taping, painting, electrical, plumbing, eavestroughs, flooring, cement/asphalt work, metal flashing, woodwork, trim/door hanging, window installing, etc.) let us know so we can see how you can help!

Start serving

There are many ways to become involved and serve at Redemption. TO get started, fill out our online form to share your interest in a selected ministry area.