The Great Commission Collective (GCC) was formed in 2017 as an independent, non-profit association with a passion for Jesus Christ and a mission to act on His vision to build His church. The GC Collective plants churches and builds relationships among church leaders that edify, protect, encourage, and support.

Each GCC church is an elder-governed church that has no central office above and beyond the local congregation. The GC Collective intentionally seeks to influence by relationship, not by mandate.

When a new church is planted, the GC Collective acts as overseers of the new church in its first 12 months after public launch. After that year, the church’s senior pastor and the GC Collective choose elders from within the local congregation.

We are a worshiping church


We will seek the Lord, His will, and His way with hearts humble before Him and confident in His plan.


We will fearlessly proclaim the truth about God and His Gospel by preaching the Scriptures in context with a dependence on the Holy Spirit to bring eternal life change.


We will join our voices and lives with worshipers from every tribe, tongue, and people to exalt Jesus Christ, responding to His matchless name.

We are a sending church


We will unreservedly give ourselves to the multiplication and maturation of Jesus’ followers in the pursuit of Christ-likeness together.


We will invade the darkness of a lost world by proclaiming the truth about Jesus and demonstrating His compassion locally and globally.


We will plant churches – irresistible communities committed to the worship of God, the making of disciples, and the sending of multipliers into a world that needs Christ.

GCC Ministry Pattern

We inspire and empower churches to actively and obediently fulfill Christ’s mandate to make disciples in every nation. We reinforce the church’s desire to please Jesus Christ, the One who is its Head and the only recipient of worship. GC Collective equips churches to train, coach, resource, and care for pastors, leaders, and disciples as they live on mission for God.