Welcoming a New Member to the Staff Team!

Welcoming a New Member to the Staff Team!

We are thrilled to announce that Brad Adamache will be joining our staff team as our Facility Manager, effective October 7.


As we announced a month or so ago, Jon Sodeman is returning to the business world, thus leaving our staff. One of Jon’s responsibilities was acting as the Facility Manager as well as being pastor of Global Missions and numerous other pastoral responsibilities.


With this building getting older, and since we are staying here long-term, we needed more of a commitment to the upkeep of this facility. Therefore, with Jon leaving, the decision was made to hire a full-time Facility Manager. We are very pleased and thankful to the Lord, that Brad Adamache has agreed to come on full-time in this role. Brad is a licensed electrician, a general handyman, and he and his wife, Mandy, have been very involved in our church for many years. Brad also helped greatly over the past three years in our work to-date in the building. He will be able to do much of the work himself, but will also be responsible to hire, schedule, and oversee trades, as needed, as well as oversee our custodial team.


We are very grateful to have a skilled man like Brad joining our team. Furthermore, he is very gentle, humble, has godly character, and will be a great servant of God by serving all of us.


Please join us in welcoming Brad to our staff team.