“The Gospel & Wokism”

“The Gospel & Wokism”

The link below is a blog post on the personal website of Stephen Yuille, a key part of our Redemption preaching team. We encourage you to regularly read Stephen’s website and his blog entries, as well to avail yourself to many of the thirteen books he has written. This is a wonderful source of great insight and encouragement from God’s Word and is very trustworthy, being true to the Scriptures.

The blog post we are highlighting here is a crucial one in this day and age. If you have not heard of the concept of being “woke” you need to understand this. It is prevalent all around us and has become the dominant ideology within our culture. Actually, the social justice movement is the core of what he describes in this blog, and he has a great understanding of what is wrong with the secular response and definition of racism, providing a crucial truth of a Biblical response to racism. Be sure to check out his blog entry on racism itself (the link is in the first sentence of this blog entry).

You may need to read this blog on the Gospel and Wokism as few times as it has some depth to it, but I would strongly encourage you to read it as many times as needed, for this is a must for the church of Christ to understand what is happening all around us, and sadly has infiltrated the Christian church.