Testimony of a PK (Pastor’s Kid)

Testimony of a PK (Pastor’s Kid)

I was born August 28th, 1980 in St. Catharines, Ontario to Bruce and Janice Redding. My brother, Rob, was 3 years old. At nine months old, my dad felt the Lord leading him to be a pastor. So, we packed up and moved to London for him to attend London Baptist Bible College.


We attended West Park Baptist Church for a few years until my dad became an intern pastor at Westminster Hope Baptist Church (now Summerside). As a little girl, I had no idea of the blessings and care and protection the Lord had given us. When I became older, I was told of how a couple at the church had taken us under their wing and had paid for some of my dad’s tuition as things were extremely tight, with him trying to work full time and do school. At this point my mom was a stay at home mom. During this time another couple decided to buy us a brand new K Car, “a nice reliant automobile” , which was so amazing to us as we had never had a brand new car.


I don’t remember all the details, but at seven years old, I prayed with my mom, in our apartment, and asked Jesus to forgive me of my sins so I could someday go heaven and not hell.


In 1991 we left Westminster Hope Baptist Church to go to Central Baptist Church (now Stoney Creek) where my dad became the Pastor of Outreach and Discipleship. It was here, at the age of eleven, that I was baptised by my dad, which is one of my most favourite memories. I attended the Christian school at Central for grade 7 & 8 and then went to Clarke Road S.S. for high school.


In 1996, through a series of events that unfolded in the church, my dad, along with about 20 people decided to start their own church, which was named Berean Baptist Church. It was also the year I met my now husband, Jay, at the age of 16, on the football field (but that’s a story for another time)!


High school was a good experience for me. I stayed away from all the things that could have derailed me from my faith and met most of my friends who I have today during those five years. I was not shy about my faith and regularly invited my friends out to our youth group. Jay was one of those people, and in 1997 my brother Rob lead Jay to the Lord which was so amazing! The church was small, and our youth group was about 10-15 people, but we all were so close and loved hanging out together. I was that girl who always did the right thing, and never wanted to disappoint my parents, or anyone for that matter. I followed all my parent’s rules and lived how they taught to me to as a Christian.


Jay and I got married in that church in 2002 and had both of our kids while still attending my dad’s church. We were heavily involved in ministry there, from helping with nursery, to being youth leaders, to helping with music, and even doing the bulletin. We were so busy and feeling drained all the time. We were feeling like God was calling us to leave my dad’s church, but again not wanting to upset my family, we stayed and kept going. It took us about two years to finally start seriously looking for a new church – one with a kid’s program as we were one of two families left at my parents’ church. Jay and I were also needing to be fed more instead of doing the feeding. It was time! And so, the search began.


We tried a few different churches before we decided and felt God calling us to Redemption. Telling my parents we were leaving their church was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do in my life. My dad didn’t say much, but my mom was very upset. The next couple of years after we left were challenging with my family, but I am thankful to the Lord that we are good now and they have seen us growing in our walk with the Lord and involved in the ministry here at Redemption. These last few years I have felt closer to the Lord than I ever have, I have made my relationship with Christ my own and not just what I was taught. I have enjoyed volunteering in the Kid’s Ministry, being a part of a small group, these last two years being a youth leader, as well as coming on staff in 2017. I have made some amazing friends who challenge me and pray for me and call me out when I am doing dumb things, and I am forever grateful to the Lord for them!


Growing up I never thought I would actually be working in the church in any way shape or form. It was the farthest thing from my mind, but here I am. I believe having grown up in a pastor’s family has prepared me for how hard ministry can be, and now I understand it from a staff side.


Growing up as a PK meant all eyes are on you, and what you are doing or not doing, and because I was a people pleaser, I pretty much let that run my life, instead of living to bring glory to God. Through it all, we experienced some amazing blessings as a family and some incredibly hard times also.


I am so thankful for our staff team here at Redemption and their encouragement. Although ministry can be hard, it is rewarding as well, and I encourage anyone who is not serving somewhere in our church to start today!! Or rather when we are all back together.   I can say without a doubt I miss going to church on Sundays, and the fellowship with you all!