A summary of our study in Romans and Job

A summary of our study in Romans and Job

I came across this video clip the other day and thought both answers to the question asked give a great summary of all we have learned in our two year study of the book of Romans as well as our eight week walk-thru the book of Job the spring of 2017.


I appreciate the tension or what is often called an ‘antimony’ that these pastors bring out.  The dilemma we have in trying to figure out and answer the question of God’s sovereignty and man’s choice.


Just because our finite, frail, limited minds can’t understand how two truths can both be true, does not make one or both of them not true.  We are not the ultimate judges of what is true or not, God is.


He says in His word – clearly – that salvation is entirely His work, He initiates it, He accomplishes it, and He guarantees it, and yet we are responsible for our rejection of God, our sin, and our choosing to rebel against Him.  We are saved because we repented and believed and yet for certain, we are saved because He chose us, called us, brought us to life, gave us life from above, and transformed us.


Here is the video summary, hope this helps just a bit to paint a summary of the Biblical teaching we have been learning from Romans and Job.