Redemption Kids: A Gift From God

Redemption Kids: A Gift From God

Redemption Kids is the biggest ministry here at our church, with almost 300 workers and just over 200 kids. There are four teams for each service, which consist of about 70 workers each week.


I have been so blessed these past few months with the love and support of my workers in our Kids Ministry. It has been a real struggle taking the whole load of this ministry on myself (with my role and being acting Director until we can hire someone), and I have had moments where I thought “I can’t do this.”  But GOD, in His grace and mercy has given me some amazing workers and with their help and encouragement, and God’s sustaining power, I have been able to make it through.


Our workers are the backbone to this ministry without whom it would not run. Even with the number of people serving, each week there are still spots to fill. This is an ongoing issue and I am praying for more of our church family to be willing to serve. Each week I go to bed thinking, “will I have enough workers to open the rooms?” but God has been so faithful in providing that I have not yet had to close a room completely (the first time was going to be March 15 J). I pray that God would continue to use this Ministry for His Glory and that it would be a blessing to the families in our church each week.


I say all this to say, we serve a God who can be trusted to fulfill His plan for each one of us. I have seen Him work in incredible ways through the Kids Ministry here at Redemption. There have been children saved, workers have been encouraged and changed through the lesson taught each week, and miracles done with scheduling when I thought there was no way. God led me to this role almost three years ago in the most unexpected way, out of a job that was doing more harm than good for me and my family and for that I am so grateful. Ministry is challenging for sure, but through it all the Lord has changed me and grown me and continues to show me that I cannot do any of this without Him.


I look forward to meeting again soon, God willing.


Proverbs 22:6 says: “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”  That is my prayer for this ministry!