One Christ-Follower’s Experience of God Time

One Christ-Follower’s Experience of God Time

The following is what a Christ-Follower in our church shared with us of his experience in God Time.

Over the years I have tried numerous different ways to read the Bible. Bible plans, apps on my phone, just trying really hard to read somewhat consistently. I always found myself frustrated. Year after year I would find myself disappointed to realize that yet again, I had not completed the Bible all the way through. 

In 2020 I decided to switch tactics. So, beginning January 2020, I decided it was going to be about the intentionality of the time allotted. I decided that I’m going to get up every day at 5:00am and have a good solid two hours of reading. The first hour is reading the Bible, journaling, and prayer. The second hour would be reading whatever book I’m currently reading. 

I ended up finishing the Bible by October, much to my surprise. I had always felt that Bible reading plans put such an unnecessary pressure on me. Now that I ensure the time is guarded to read, journal, and pray, it has allowed me to read with very little pressure. If today I am up and awake and alert and I can read 10 chapters, that’s great! If tomorrow I’m late getting started and constantly re-reading because I’m distracted and I end up only reading one chapter, well, no big deal. It all seemed to average out in the end. 

I don’t like jumping around the Bible (another thing I don’t like about reading plans) so now I read one Old Testament book all the way through. It might take me a couple of days; it might take me a week or more. And then when I’m done that, I move onto a New Testament book until I’m done. So, January 1 I start with Genesis 1. I read all the way through Genesis and then when I’m done that, I read all the way through Matthew. Then when I’m done Matthew, I read all the way through Exodus and then I read all the way through Luke. When I’ve read through all the New Testament but still have Old Testament books to finish, I just start reading through the New Testament again. 

I discovered that the time and the place are the biggest factor to my success. I am not sure if I’m going to finish the Bible by December 31 this year. I do feel a little behind where I was last year. But it’s not something that I will stress about. I may change things up next year and I may actually spend the whole year just reading the New Testament over and over and over again. I’m not sure yet. 

…The key to my success has been the consistency, the location, and number one, being intentional to put the time aside and guard it. 

I try to follow the schedule seven days a week.  

And truthfully, I have grown to enjoy it, to desire it, and am really disappointed if something causes me to miss it.