Marriage Renewal Ceremony – Winter 2013

Marriage Renewal Ceremony – Winter 2013

During our study of Genesis 1-11 we came to Genesis chapter 2 where God creates Eve and brings her to Adam and we have the first marriage in Scripture.  

The Holy Spirit led us through a pastoral friend, Ken Geisler of Harvest Olive (Grand Rapids area) to conduct a marriage renewal ceremony at the conclusion of both of our services that day.  

We invited those who had their spouse in the auditorium and who wanted to participate to join us on stage to re-commit their marriage vows, by God’s grace and strength.  

Dan Taylor did his usual amazing work putting together a video of the second service ceremony.  I stumbled across it today looking at our videos on Vimeo and hadn’t seen it.  Must admit I cried watching it.  So thankful for how God works and for our people and their love for Christ, for His Word and their willingness to obey His Word, trusting Him in all things.  

I had to share this with you.  So below is the video and following that is a copy of the vows which were repeated by – if I remember correctly – over 200 couples that Sunday.  

Please continue to pray that God would remind and renew our commitments to those marriage vows this day and this week, and please, if your marriage is struggling – don’t wait, get some help and stay committed to your vows.  Blessing is on the other side of perseverance – so stay at it, God is faithful and He will renew, restore, repair and revive. 

You are loved, 


Marriage Renewal Ceremony from Harvest Bible Chapel London on Vimeo.

Husbands ________, I thank God for giving you to be my wife, / today I recommit myself to you, / and to our marriage. / Iwill work to do life in intimate relationship with you / both in unity and love. /  I will strive to resolve all conflict between us. / I will enjoy you as my best friend and companion. / And I will remaincompletely devoted to you / as long as God gives us life. / I love you!

Wives ___________, I am thankful that you are my husband.  / Today I recommit myself to you and our marriage. / I will strive to be one with you in all things.  / When conflict arises I will do all I can / to resolve it quickly and completely.  / I will strive to be your best friend / and to look to you alone for companionship.  / I will remain completely devoted to you / as long as God gives us life. / I love you!