Kids Ministry – A Day in The Life

Kids Ministry – A Day in The Life

It’s Sunday morning, 8am, and the church is practically empty. As I walk around unlocking the classrooms for the morning ahead, I can hear the worship band upstairs practicing, this week I hear “Yes I Will”.


Room after room I make my way around the halls while singing in my head the song playing upstairs.


Open a room, “I count on one thing, the same God who never fails will not fail me now, You won’t fail me now”, turn on the lights, then the radio, take a look around to make sure everything was set out (Thursday is classroom set up day). Chairs and tables all set – check! Room is ready. “In the waiting the same God who’s never late, is working all things out, you’re working all things out”.


Next room, lights and radio on, “Yes I will, lift You high in the lowest valley”,  but this one has a computer that will play the video for the JK/SK’s, “yes I will, bless your name”, pull out the cart, “Oh, yes I will, sing for joy when my heart is heavy”, plug it in, click play, make sure sound is good and video is the correct one, “all my days, oh, yes I will”.


The first Kids Min workers to arrive are the registration workers at 8:15am, checking the iPads, making sure they are ready for the workers and families to check in. At 8:30 workers start to arrive and get their rooms ready, as the Service Coordinator walks around and makes sure all rooms have at least two workers so our families can check their children in. Now it’s 8:45am, and families start arriving. This is the time you would find me at registration, talking with people, welcoming families as they arrive, or maybe I am running around doing some last minute photocopying or getting supplies.


I can tell you that the craziness and busyness of a Sunday morning is exhausting, but during this time of isolation, I can honestly say I miss it. I miss seeing the faces of the children as they come in with excitement, some so excited because it’s their turn to do the iPad and sign everyone in.  Sometimes there are tears of those young ones who are nervous about going in the classroom and not wanting to leave mom or dad. I miss the “good morning” hugs I get and the “how are you doing?” questions from concerned friends. I miss hearing all the children singing their hearts out during worship, and seeing our workers love and encourage their kids in the rooms to love Jesus more!


During this time of being home, God is showing me more and more how much we need to encourage each other and not take for granted the meeting of God’s people when we are able to meet again.


While we are not meeting in our building right now, I pray that your Sunday mornings, and every other day of the week, is filled with God’s love and peace and that you would feel the Holy Spirit’s presence wherever you are!


Making sure all children have been picked up, closing all the rooms, packing up my stuff, and walking out to my car. It’s now 1:15pm. “Thank You God for a great morning and for all the families that attended today. May their hearts be forever changed.”