Harvest London Statement on Divorce and Remarriage

Harvest London Statement on Divorce and Remarriage

HERE is a statement our elders produced in 2005 on this issue.  This paper was ever only in draft form and needs reworking in terms of layout, editing, and needs some additions to cover other related topics/issues.  But in light of Sunday’s teaching on Mark 10:1-12 we thought it would be helpful to provide this.


If you would like to hear/watch a few sermons which dig into this issue at a deeper level than we were able to in one sermon we would like to provide some options.


Below are three sermons by Pastor John MacArthur.  He took our passage and preached it in 2 sermons and then added a third on 1 Cor. 7.  This is a fuller treatment of the issue by someone who’s position on divorce and remarriage is SIMILAR to ours.  Not exactly the same, but close.


We would encourage you to do your own study of God’s Word to understand for yourself what you see Him saying on this issue.


Sermon Part 1 on Mark 10:1-12

Sermon Part 2 on Mark 10:1-12

Follow up sermon on 1 Corinthians 7:1-40