God’s Greatness in Creation

God’s Greatness in Creation

Hi all,

I saw this video today and sat watching the entire thing enthralled by another example of the greatness, creativity, majesty, ability and awesomeness of our God.

If you believe, as God’s Word clearly teaches, that God is the creator of all things by speaking them into existence, I encourage you to watch this and be reminded of how great our God is.  One who could think of this diversity and beauty and uniqueness and then create it surely is worth our worship.

If you do not believe God created all that is – I would challenge you to watch this video and as you do seriously ask yourself if you think this sort of amazing diversity, beauty and shocking detail of what is could happen by random chance and accident as things go against the realm of everything we know and get more complex and better by accident.

AND ask yourself – with such massive volumes of unique creatures abounding on this planet how can this happen when there is an absolute void of transitionary forms or records of.  How can you get such diversity – massive amounts, beyond our ability to even comprehend and yet no transition forms.

God spoke, creation was and it was and is AWESOME like our God!


Got Muck? from Khaled Sultani on Vimeo.

And now – watch this video – asking yourself if you really could ever believe that seeing the stunning complexity of the microscopic world every cell in our bodies could have just happened by chance, accident and the evolution from simple things to this massively complex machinery constantly working inside of every part of us.

Click HERE to watch the NPR.com video