God at Work: Redemption London Young Adults Ministry

God at Work: Redemption London Young Adults Ministry

Written by Natalie Paterson


When I moved to London almost five years ago, I would have never believed that God could use one ministry so much in my life. I had moved to London to go to school, and it wasn’t really in my plans to stay here for longer than that. I was looking for work back home, but God provided a job here in London. Although I was thankful for the job, I was not that excited to stay in London as most of my friends were back home.


Right about the time I started my new job in London, I also got plugged into the Young Adult group at Redemption London. Having only ever been to a college and career group of six people before, it was a little overwhelming to start with. I was doubtful that I would even be noticed at Young Adults. I was also what I consider “stagnant” in my walk with Christ. I was still going to church and attending events, but I was struggling to find the joy in my walk with Christ.


Young Adults was the method that God used to change that for me. When I started in that ministry, I started to be consistently discipled and mentored by both older believers and those who are my peers. I was noticed, and I was able to discuss the struggles I was facing in my walk. As we began to know one another deeply, I was able to be challenged and encouraged in my faith. Those around me in Young Adults would not allow me to stay stagnant in my faith but constantly encouraged me to be seeking God with a renewed passion.


Through this ministry, I have also had many opportunities to minister in ways I never saw. I was able to walk with some new believers and help disciple them in their walk with Christ. I have been able to do downtown ministry on Canada Day. I have been able to pray for situations as a group and see the amazing way that God answers prayer in impossible situations. Lately, God has provided me with the amazing privilege to lead one of the small groups at Young Adults.


My joy and passion for the Lord has grown exponentially in the last couple of years. Looking back, Young Adults was one of the biggest encouragements for that growth in my life. Although I am a distance from my family, I now have a family in London that I know will both call me out if I am straying or encourage me in times of difficulty. Even during this time where it is easily to feel quite isolated, I have been able to be in contact with many of the other YAs. Young Adults has become my family, and I am so thankful that God has used this ministry to challenge, encourage, and grow me to a deeper relationship with Him.