Financial Info for our people

Financial Info for our people

We just want to remind you, at our Town Hall meeting in February we presented our 2019 finances and our 2020 budget. At our new Annual General Meeting in June, we will present in more detail our 2019 finances.  We also, every June/July, after our previous year’s financials are reviewed by the accountant (starting in 2021 this will be a full audit) we make available – again as we always have done – for any who want them, in our lobby, our previous year Dec 31st income and expense statement for the year as well as our balance sheet.


We also have made available at our Welcome Desk, since the beginning of this year, our past 5 years worth of financial statements that any attendee can ask for and receive a copy of – any year or all 5 years.  We announced this in our last elder statement HERE.  This will be offered consistently, any Sunday, at any time in the months and years to come.


Karen Plantt

[email protected]