You’ve heard these stories before… The Creator and His creation. The sin and separation. The desperation. The prophets and promises. The silent night. The little town of Bethlehem. The virgin birth. The kings with their gifts. The shepherds and the angels. The joy to the world. The reconciliation. All the stories are true.


We’re excited to have the opportunity again this year to take up a Christmas offering (receipted), for the month of December. EVERY DOLLAR will go to these ministry needs to bless and support what God is doing in these ministries. Over the years, due to your kind and generous gifts, we’ve been able to give tens of thousands of dollars to help and encourage many ministries. The elders are asking you to prayerfully consider giving generously again this year. Let’s work together to bless many this Christmas! The more generous you are, the greater the impact of our blessing on these ministries.


For over 30 years Fresh Start has been providing a safe, Bible-based environment to support pregnant and parenting women facing challenges related to parenting and life skills. They offer a one-year residential housing program where women are supported by staff 24/7. They participate in programs around housing stability, life skills, social inclusion, education and employment, parenting skills, and more. Fresh Start is a Christian outreach ministry seeking to be the hands and feet of Jesus to women and mothers at a time of great need in their lives. The Executive Director of Fresh Start Support Services is a part of our church congregation.


NLPM aims to provide the best quality in-prison ministry possible, helping inmates resolve life issues and prepare them for successful re-entry into society. The ministries on NLPM include in-prison Bible studies, ARC audio device, video resources, aftercare support, and mentorship. Christian volunteers disciple inmates through correspondence in the form of Bible studies. The focus is to develop an interactive relationship with the inmate by assigning a dedicated volunteer to walk them through the 90 Bible study courses. Volunteers interact with the Bible studies completed by those in prison, helping to disciple them that way.


Teen Challenge operates faith-based residential treatment facilities for women and men struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. The 12-month program first began in the 1960’s in Toronto, and has since expanded to locations across Canada — including one in London. Students learn character and leadership development skills, life skills, and have the opportunity to acquire some vocational training. This program also provides opportunities to learn planning and decision-making skills and
to contribute to Teen Challenge and the community.


Increasingly over the past couple of years, our Pastor of Hispanic Ministries, Hernando Medina, has been working with new families coming to Canada. These families have many practical needs – everything from housing, furniture, licenses, food, etc. while they settle in Canada. Hernando has been ministering to these families, providing and caring for them, and many times, getting them connected in our church, always presenting the gospel and calling them to repent and believe. God is doing great things in and through Hernando and this ministry. Our elders decided it would be good for us to invest some funds to help these new immigrants, Hernando connects with and shepherds as they plug into our church. These funds would go to practical needs, which Hernando would allocate based on firsthand knowledge and insight of necessities.


Obviously, Redemption is not the only Bible-believing, gospel-proclaiming, mission-focused ministry in the city. We’re part of the larger family of God and it would be a joy to help other ministries in the London area. Should God graciously provide us with an abundance of donations from this Christmas offering, any remaining funds would go towards some known needs of other gospel-oriented, Christ-exalting ministries. What a wonderful way for us to reflect the hands and heart of Jesus to bless and encourage other ministries

Special envelopes are available in the Worship Centre for this Christmas Offering. Please have your offering in by December 30.