Children of a Singing God

Children of a Singing God

Erika Bartos, one of our congregants, sent this link to me and it blessed me to read it. You can access think link here, and I have copied the text below.


I can honestly say I have never thought about God signing or put much thought into Jesus singing in the upper room at the last supper, but we know they did sing together. In light of Sunday’s teaching from Eph. 5:19 and one of the results of being filled with the Spirit is singing, I thought this would be pertinent to pass along. I would encourage you to read this and give the ideas in it some thought, checking them out against God’s Word. This is an interesting idea to ponder.




Children of a Singing God

John Piper | April 27, 2020


And when they had sung a hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives. (Mark 14:26)


Can you hear Jesus singing?


Was he a bass or a tenor? Was there a down-home twang to his voice? Or was there an unwavering crystal pitch?


Did he close his eyes and sing to his Father? Or did he look into his disciples’ eyes and smile at their deep camaraderie?


Did he usually start the song? Or did Peter or James, or maybe Matthew, do it?


Oh, I can hardly wait to hear Jesus sing! I think the planets would be jolted out of orbit if he lifted his native voice in our universe. But we have a kingdom that cannot be shaken; so, Lord, go ahead, do it! Sing!


It could not be otherwise but that Christianity be a singing faith. The founder sang. He learned to sing from his Father. Surely they have been singing together from all eternity. Don’t you think so? Would not infinite eternal happiness in the fellowship of the Trinity sing?


The Bible says the aim of our singing is “to raise sounds of joy” (1 Chronicles 15:16). No one in the universe has more joy than God. He is infinitely joyful. He has rejoiced from eternity in the panorama of his own perfections reflected perfectly in the deity of his Son.


God’s joy is unimaginably powerful. He is God. When he speaks, galaxies come into being. And when he sings for joy, more energy is released than exists in all the matter and motion of the universe.

If he appointed song for us to release our heart’s delight in him, is this not because he also knows the joy of releasing his own heart’s delight in his own image in his Son by his Spirit in song? We are a singing people because we are the children of a singing God.