Be Still

Be Still

Being still is something that is not easy, as normally we never are still. We are usually busy, running, busy with our chores, watching television, talking on the phone. Suddenly life changes and God allows us to be still with the opportunity that everything changes after the stillness.


On September 17, 2000 I was with my wife and our four children in Colombia, and a few hours later we were in another country. Our life had completely turned around. All our security, lifestyle, coworkers, studies, friendships, our church, were all left behind. In just a few hours our lives turned around, taking a completely different direction. Our lives were never the same again. There began a time of being still and waiting for the time of the Lord.


Very similar with what is happening now, only it’s not about a family, it’s about all the cities, all countries, and the whole world. The plans, projects, dreams to improve our lives, were suspended in the air, waiting for His order to continue. We are on pause, it’s a time to wait. To be still and wait for our Creator’s order so that life and plans can continue.


This morning I was reading Psalm 46:10, and I saw what one of the purposes is that the Lord has for us in these moments of our lives. “Be still, and know that I am God.” It’s as if God has stopped the normal activities of life, has paralyzed governments, and as if our life was hanging by a thread. A thread that can be broken at any moment, where we will fall into the void. Where kisses and hugs became deadly weapons. A time that makes us understand reality, that we are not in control of anything. Here precisely is where God makes us look up and remember that He is God and that He is in control of everything, including our life.


Be still. It’s a time to wait. To not move and to know who God is. To escape from the daily routine, learn about His sovereignty, talk to our friends, family, and classmates from school or work. So that our children know us more and we know them more. To reconcile with our family and friends. To pray with our spouse and our children every day. To be together and united, to support and give each other words of encouragement, and pray for each other. To read the scripture, so that in everything we think or do, we include God in our plans saying: If God wants, I will go and if He allows it, I will do it.


After this event we will definitely never be the same. I believe that many will yearn to be in the next service, we will enjoy it to the fullest, we will break down, we will recognize that God is good, and that his mercy is eternal. We will know each other more, we will love each other more, we will be more mature, be more prudent, more patient, wiser when we make decisions, and many will have known of our creator through our testimony, we will be more aware that we are not in control of our lives.


For now, it’s time to be still and know who God is, to know His grace, His mercy, His goodness, His love, His benevolence, His patience, His power, His beauty, among many others. “BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD.”