Action Required: Bill C-6

Action Required: Bill C-6

We are calling on all our Redemption congregants to contact your local MP and members of our Federal parties asking them to drastically change or vote down Bill C-6

Bill C-6 is an incredibly dangerous bill, which the Trudeau Liberals are rushing through Parliament. This Bill will impact parents in a unique way, as it violates their right to educate their children in certain subject matter, exposing them to the risk of severe penalties should they choose not to comply.

Bill C-6 is completely unnecessary because the criminal code already protects people from the use of force or coercion in counselling. Bill C-6 will also criminalize free speech. It will outlaw many forms of counselling, not only by psychologists and psychiatrists, but by pastors, priests, family counsellors, and parents.

Because C-6 criminalizes speech, it violates everybody’s constitutional rights and freedoms, including our freedom of conscience and religion, our freedom of expression and the right to direct the education of our children.

Canadians will be sentenced up to five years in prison under this bill.  

The Bill will give the police surveillance powers to investigate and enforce this new law. This can include surveillance of the offices of any counsellors, which will include churches. And, given that parents’ conversations and actions are a key target of this bill, this means police can also surveil private homes. 

The bill is coming up for a final vote in the House of Commons in a few weeks time, and it must be rejected.

I urge you to contact your MP, by phone or e-mail, to ask that they oppose the amended C-6. 

If you would like more information about Bill C-6 and the concerns around it, head to

We are asking for action on this not for any political reason or motive, but for moral reasons, and primarily based on the Biblical mandate and teaching, for that is our calling and mission.