A Very Encouraging Missionary Testimony

A Very Encouraging Missionary Testimony

One of the most well known and powerful missionary testimonies is the story of Jim Elliot, Nate Saint and the three other men who went to bring the gospel to the Auca people living in South America and yet were all killed by those same native people.

A few years after this some of the wives of the men who died went back in to those same people to bring them the gospel.  God, in his grace, saved many in the tribe, including the men who had killed the missionaries.

Steve Saint – who was just a young boy when his father was killed, went in to live with the Auca people and has kept a close relationship with them.

Here are a couple of testimonies by Steve and Mincaye (grandfather) – one of the men who killed Steve’s dad.

This is one of the greatest examples of the grace, forgiveness and power of the gospel.

I would recommend you read the full story or watch the movie.  The original documentary was called ‘Beyond the Gates of Splendor’ (book or DVD).  Four years later another documentary was written and made into a movie called ‘The End of the Spear’.   Google either and enjoy.  I think some parts (or all) may be available on Youtube and/or Netflix.

Enjoy, be blessed, thank God!