A Bright Spot in Darkness

A Bright Spot in Darkness

So thankful for our Market volunteers as they settle in on the “new normal” for this season of how they serve our guests. On Sunday, they saw 14 families, and more came on Monday as well.


This really has me thinking about the less fortunate in our city. Many of us are able to go to the grocery store and buy at least the basics so our families don’t go hungry. Imagine if you were dependant on charity to eat. What if the only time anyone asked how you are doing and prayed for you was on your monthly trip to the Redemption Market.


God’s Word helps my heart. James 2:5 says, “Listen, my beloved brothers, has not God chosen those who are poor in the world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom, which He has promised to those who love Him?”  God knows about every tear that falls and offers heavenly riches to all that will humble themselves and call upon the name of the Lord. Our dear Father who looks after the birds in the air will look after His children.


After being closed last Sunday/Monday, it will likely take some time for word to spread that our market is back in business. I’ve asked for a list of phone numbers for the market guests and plan to call them to let them know.


Let’s not forget to look out for each other, especially during this pandemic. Do you have a friend that lives alone? They would love a text or phone call to show them they aren’t alone in the world. Maybe you have elderly neighbors who would be touched by your offer to pick up their groceries. We are missing our opportunities to serve at church so let’s look for ways to serve elsewhere.


Missing everyone and can’t wait till this is over and we can gather again!