With our new lobby complete, our attention has now moved to the construction of the new vestibule. Below are some images of the drawings, as well as a current picture of where we are at (we will update this photo as construction progresses).

We want to thank Big Top Tents ( for lending us our temporary vestibule, as this helps keep weather out of our lobby during these winter months while we work on the vestibule.

Our new vestibule will have two sets of double doors (four from outside into the vestibule, then four from the vestibule into the lobby). There will be an easy flow of people with two sets of doors for entering the building, and two for exiting. The vestibule will have grates in the floor to catch snow, ice, and water, and it will also be heated to provide a barrier so cold air doesn’t blast into the lobby.


Construction on the vestibule will run into the spring, as the cost and availability of trades and material has been significant, so we are working carefullly to keep costs down. The work that is reminaing includes:

  • Steel frame installed
  • Poured cement floor around grates
  • Windows and new doors
  • Roof
  • Rubber membrane on roof
  • Heating system
  • Siding around top


The existing double doors that we use will stay, but will not typically be used.

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