Why Are We Doing Renovations?

We are incredibly thankful for the building the Lord has provided to us but one thing it has lacked is a dedicated space for gathering before and after services on Sunday. The elders have been prayerfully considering options for a few years and we are now in the midst of making changes to the lower level to accommodate a new, large, open lobby as soon as you walk in the main back doors. This is a large project with many moving parts.

New Lobby

We are in the last and final stage of our renovations, which began last fall. We are hoping to have this entire project complete for our Fall 2022 kickoff.



  • We have finalized architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical drawings.
  • We have received the permit with the city, which means we can continue with some work, getting inspections done along the way.
  • Our first inspection is complete, so we had a great group of volunteers help drywall the two end walls, which are now ready for painting.
  • The ceiling painting has been completed.
  • New flooring has been installed in the hallways, and carpet (which has been ordered) will be installed in the rest of the lobby once the painting is complete.
  • Then, we will be putting technology in the room, and working on all the finishing touches in the lobby.
  • We have secured a contractor for construction of the frame for the vestibule. We expect construction on the vestibule to begin soon.
  • We are also working on some other miscellaneous improvements and updates around the building (freshening up washrooms, improved lighting in some classrooms, etc.)

New Floor Plan With Larger Lobby

Have a Question?

Let us know if you have any questions about the renovation project.