Office Manager


Born in Stephenville, Newfoundland, I moved to Ontario when I was 19.  I’m happily married to Dean and have one adult daughter (Kady) that I would move a mountain for.  I love pretty flowers and being outside so I spend lots of time playing in the dirt.  I also like to play billiards.

I worked as a paralegal before getting the opportunity to work here.  Before that, I worked as a technician for many years.  I did my paralegal studies at Westervelt College and took several computer related night courses at Fanshawe.


I started attending Redemption, formally Southwest Community Church, in 2002.  A friend who had just been saved invited me out and I will forever be thankful for her.  I was raised Catholic and hadn’t been to church since I was a teenager.  I had never heard Christian music or seen a Jesus freak worship.  It was very unsettling to say the least, but the music got me to come back a second time.  This is when I realized that these Jesus freaks had a connection with God that I didn’t know existed.  I had to have it and it wasn’t long until I put all that I was in His hands.   I have been attending since then and came to work here in 2012.


I am so thankful God loves me so much that He offered me an eternal home.  I love my life here but I can’t wait for the day I get to see His glorious face.