Facility Update

Our Permanent Home

We continue to be thankful to the Lord for providing 250 Commissioners Road to us as our permanent home. Furthermore, early in 2018, God graciously allowed us to fully pay off our mortgage. We were also able to secure the sale of our property on Colonel Talbot Road, with a sale price of $2M, which more than covers the funds we invested into that property and provides some resources for future growth.

Can We Grow HERE?

Our auditorium was originally built to allow for a balcony, however, we cannot park more people than we currently accommodate in one service. A parking garage is incredibly expensive, so our attendance for any one service is capped at about 1000 people (including children), and therefore our ability to accommodate growth is limited. However, we believe the answer to this is to plant new churches locally.

What does this building need?

We have continued to enjoy growth, and while we feel this building will facilitate long-term ministry, there are three key areas where we urgently need more space: Lobby, Classrooms, and Offices.

What’s the Plan?

We have been working with an architect to brainstorm some ideas regarding an addition, which would address these three key needs in both the short term and the long term.

An addition

There are several new features to this addition, but the major ones include a new gym on the first floor (which would double as lobby space on weekends) and converting our current gym to two floors of classrooms (providing six new classrooms) with an added mezzanine level. The second floor would include new offices, as well as larger restrooms.

So What Are we waiting for?

We have done some work with the City and have assurances that they will work with us on this addition. However, we are in the very early stages of planning, and still need to cost the addition to see if we can afford it. If we can, we will need to work to get a city-approved site plan and building permit, then build and renovate. The likely timeline is 3-4 years.

Interim Solution

Our leadership has been considering a solution to our facility needs, which would be a phased approach. The first phase would include renovations to our existing gym to convert it to two levels of classrooms, freeing up space at the back (entry way) of the building for a larger lobby. This would address two of our three needs for lobby and classrooms, and would provide flexibility to use one classroom upstairs as office space, if needed. The rework would be minimal if we were to go ahead with the full addition in the future (Phase 2), if the Lord provided the funds and we still see a need for a gym/larger lobby.

What about parking?

The Phase 1 solution would only cost us 4-6 parking spots. Phase 2, if we do it, would mean we lose 30 parking spots – not ideal, but we think a worthwhile tradeoff and one we could live with.

What’s next?

We have received a quote for Phase 1, and believe with the asbestos removal, it will cost around $1.5M. We will take the first quarter of 2020 to review and pray about Phase 1 with our congregation, and will look to make a decision in the spring. If it is a decision to go forward, renovation work could start in the fall of 2020, or sometime in 2021.

What’s the timeline?

The funds from our sale of Colonel Talbot could be used to finance Phase 1 of this project, so we are considering moving on this in late 2020. If we can afford the addition (Phase 2), we could begin site plan and building permit work with the city after Phase 1 is completed, and we are able to raise the needed capital.

What You Can Do

First, we would ask you to pray for wisdom and guidance as we go through this process, and a clear leading from the Lord. Also, please share with us any thoughts, ideas, or concerns you may have.


Second, if you have contacts in any of the trades (commercial, large scale only) who would be a resource for us in this process, let us know!


Finally, we would ask that you continue to be faithful with your giving. If the full addition is in our future, it will require the Lord working in the hearts of our people to give generously and faithfully.

Have A Question?

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