Oradores de este año


Robbie Symons es el pastor fundador de Hope Bible Church Oakville. Su mayor pasión es ver vidas cambiadas para la gloria de Dios. Hope Oakville ha experimentado el poder y la gracia del Señor en su crecimiento desde un estudio bíblico de 18 personas en 2003 hasta más de 4000 personas en la actualidad. También han sido utilizados para ver el nacimiento de varias iglesias vibrantes en todo Canadá.


El ministerio radiofónico de Robbie a través de Hope Oakville, llamado Live in the Light, se puede escuchar diariamente en todo el sur de Ontario, el oeste de Nueva York y las provincias del Atlántico. También es el autor de Passion Cry: How Apathy is Killing the Church y A Passion for Christ Will Revive It. Robbie también ha asumido el papel de profesor de Biblia en el aire en 100 Huntley St. donde desea profundamente alcanzar a la gente con la palabra de Dios que resulta en una pasión por Cristo.


Robbie y su esposa Gillian viven en Burlington, Ontario, con sus cuatro hijos.


Ted is the founding pastor of Hope Church Mississauga, a vibrant and diverse congregation located at the crossroads of some of Canada’s fastest growing cities. Born and raised in Hamilton, Ted served on staff at Hope Bible Church in Oakville for five years before planting in 2009.

He earned bachelors degrees in History and Education at Queen’s University in Kingston and a Master of Divinity at Heritage Theological Seminary in Cambridge Ontario.

Ted is trusting God each day and spending himself in order that more and more people from more and more nations will hear the gospel and worship Jesus. He and his wife Lyncey fell in love at summer camp. Ted loves to ski and Lyncey’s a snowboarder but they still manage to get along. They live in Brampton with their four energetic and entertaining sons.


As a senior pastor for over two decades, Daniel Henderson brought prayer-
based revitalization to numerous large churches. Now, as the President of
Strategic Renewal, Daniel is dedicating his full-time efforts to help
congregations across the country and world experience renewal. Daniel is
sought after for his expertise in leading corporate prayer and has authored
numerous books on prayer and biblical leadership. Daniel also serves on
the Board of Directors for the National Association of Evangelicals, and is
the Global Director of The 6:4 Fellowship, a coalition of pastors committed
to prayer and the ministry of the Word – based on Acts 6:4.

Daniel will have a book table in the lobby with some of his most popular
resources including Old Paths New Power – Awakening Your Church
through Prayer and the Ministry of the Word and Transforming Prayer –
How Everything Changes When You Seek God’s Face. Feel free to stop
by after the service to check out the resources and meet Daniel.


Vance Pitman is president of Send Network, the largest church planting network in North America, and founding pastor of Hope Church Las Vegas. As a twenty-plus year veteranchurch planter who commissioned more than 75churches in the Western United Statesduring his tenure atHope Church, Vancenot only grewHope Church into the vibrant multi-ethnic fellowship it is today, but also travels the country seeking toinspire people to join in God’s eternal, redemptive mission of making disciples, by multiplying the Church all over North America,that the nations may come to know Him.Vance resides in Henderson, Nevada, with his wife Kristie, and has four children and three grandchildren. He is the author of UNBURDENED: Stop Living for Jesus So Jesus Can Live Through YouandThe Stressless Life: Experiencing the Unshakable Presence of God’s Indescribable Peace.



5:30-7:00PM – Registration
6:15-6:45PM – Pre-Conference Prayer
7:00-9:00PM – Session 1



8:30AM – 9:30AM – Session 2
9:45AM – 10:45AM – Workshops
11:00AM – 12:30PM – Session 3
12:30PM – 2:00PM – Lunch (PROVIDED IN LONDON ONLY)
2:00PM – 3:30PM – Session 4


*Following the conference all workshops will be provided to each person registered in order to view the ones not chosen in person.

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